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Germany Tour 2023

Tourplan 2023

It took a while – but now it is finalized: African Vocals Germany Tour 2023 😍🇩🇪 🇳🇦

All preparations are done, flights are booked, and now we have to wait for our visas to be issued.

We are so excited and grateful to see so much interest in our music, to see the commitment of so many of our old friends but also of new organisers in Germany. It means so much to us after three long years of uncertainty, destroyed plans and struggling, and all the support and encouragement from our fans and friends helped us to survive as a group – we are really privileged.

So a big thankyou goes to every single organiser and to the hosts of our tour.

Our special gratitude we want to express to the project choir #aLightforAfrica#, especially to Christoph and Sara in Merzig and to the #RotaryClubSwakopmund#, as well as to our dear friends Thomas Ehbrecht from #HotelDeutschesHaus# in Swakopmund and Theresa from #TangeniShilongoNamibia#.

The most important credit for the survival of the group, however, goes to our band leader Joel, who never gave up on our dream, who started rebuilding and reshaping the group again and again despite of frustrations and setbacks and always encouraged the group to move on.

You cannot imagine how much we look forward to being back in Germany, to see all those beautiful places and venues of our tour and to meeting our hosts, friends and audience for unforgettable concerts, workshops in schools and with local choirs, interaction and cultural exchange.

See you in Germany, we love you,

Your African Vocals ❤️


On the way

Welcome in Cologne

Köln Dellbrück - Christuskirche

Burg Lichtenfels



… done by audience

..after the concert …

....more to come......

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