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African Vocals Acapella Band
want to wish all their friends and followers a blessed Christmas time and a good start into the new year 2022.
We are approaching the second Christmas under Covid19 conditions. All of us experienced almost two years of a virus dominating the world and causing heartbreaking losses of lives. We all had to re-arrange our lives with lockdowns, restrictions and all kinds of uncertainties. Like challenges in health, job, economic and planning aspects.
African Vocals, like all other artists, are trying to move on. Despite of the loss of engagements, maintaining our training and rehearsal routine, as well as work on new songs. Many of our songs were made by #MarcellinusSwartbooi, a Namibian music genius. We owe him our sincere gratitude for sharing the fruits of his talent with us so generously.
As a little encouragement and motivation in these challenging times we want to present a music video to our dear audience today. The song ‚Matuzu‘ is also created by #MarcellinusSwartbooi. Big thank you for making the video possible goes to #RavianusGBShambeni from #PhotonPhotographyNamibia and GernotFritze and his team from #NautilusStudios. We hope you enjoy.
Have a peaceful and merry Christmas with your dear ones. A happy, healthy and successful 2022. Please take care and stay safe.
Your African Vocals Acapella Band

African Vocals Acapella Band is a male a-cappella group from Swakopmund. We were founded in 2012 by five friends after high school. Since then our group has grown to a varying size of 10 to 15 members.

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Our Dream

Our big dream is to make music a profession we can live from. We put a lot of hard work and sacrifice into this dream.

For us music is life and a universal language. It’s overcomes borders and unites people with emotions and harmony. This is practiced in the group as well. The singers belong to different ethnic groups. Our repertoire reflects the different ethnic languages in Namibia.

Our group loves to present our authentic Namibian music and culture to our audience and to interact with people in our performances.

We want our audience to learn about Namibia and Africa. Our group also want to learn from our audience, especially when we have performances outside Namibia.

Our three concert tours to Germany gave us so much input. We got new ideas and build a wonderful network of friends. All of us are very aware of how privileged we are by having so much support from fans and friends who believe in us and share our dream.

As all our singers grew up in townships and experienced the discrimination, dangers, violence and hopelessness. African Vocals is much more than just a music group.

It gives us orientation as well as stability and shelter. With African Vocals we have a common goal: To make a change for the better for ourselves but also for township children with the same challenging background.


Social responsibility

 We want to give something back to the community. Make a change for kids from our Swakopmund townships, by giving them hope and inspiration. To have the dream to overcome poverty and work for this.

African Vocals are committed to support charity projects in Mondessa and DRC, the townships in Swakopmund. Our firm believe is that a change can only be done by empowerment and education and by giving a vision and good examples.


African Vocals Acapella Band founded a kids choir in DRC, the informal settlement in Swakopmund. Thus we hope to keep at least some kids off the streets. By teaching them singing, dancing, and playing drums and marimbas. For more information klick HERE

The broader idea is to establish a Kindergarden and also offer music education. This shalll be a home for the kids choir as well.

We will update this website regularly to keep you informed about our plans and activities. We invite you to give us feedback or questions.

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